The Giro d’Italia cycling race stops in Montalcino

Today Montalcino hosted the arrival of the 7th. stage of the Giro d’Italia with a thrilling final mostly run on dirt roads!
Finally Montalcino was featured in the media for a nice reason… 😉
Gianni, back in his best ever physical shape for the recent diet and training, was among the race’s officials on the finish lane because of his role in the local cycling club “Orso On Bike”.
The stage’s winner -obviously covered in mud in this mid May that tastes like November- was the current World Champion Cadel Evans and, funny enough, the rider that took the pink jersey from Nibali is Alexandre Vinokourov (from Kazakistan), a guy nick-named “Vino” (Wine!).
No better guy could wear the pink jersey in Brunello-Land!

"Vino" buono a Montalcino!


About Fred Marconi

I am the way I am. I am peaceful but can react strongly. I make art inspired by my muse Lucia and my baby Santiago.
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