The Fabbri Family

I come from people that know the meaning of respect and sweat. My people look straight into the eyes.
My people don’t use trick or take shortcuts. My people know the value of all the small things in life.
The roots of my people belong to the country. We are the flavour of our country and we are proud of it.
We welcome people, we shake hands with trust. We make a promise with a look in the eye and we keep that promise.
My wine is ancient, not old. Technology is a help and not just an excuse good enough to turn the tables. I only know what Sangiovese Grosso is.
The word barrique doesn’t mean anything to me. I am not interested.
I quite easily daydream when I look at the sky and touch my land. At night I fall asleep because I’m tired.
I consider my labour as an ingredient, as a prize.
I don’t fear the rain and I don’t fear the sun as both will become life in my grapes and character in my wine, just as photos of a gone by year. Just as memories in my diary.
My walls are strong because my father built strong foundations.
I move slowly because I’m endowed with patience. Because I respect the work of time and of the big oak that embraces my wine and adds strength to it.
I worship the importance of the glass that embraces every single sip offered to you.


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